About Us

we are genuine car enthusiasts
Our promise to each client is to treat every car that enters our shop as if it’s our only car.

As Orangeville’s #1 car shop for BMW and high-performance European car sales and services we specialize in modifications, vehicle wraps, and tech tools.

URO services all makes and models of high-performance cars, providing performance modifications and upgrades as well as regular, diagnostic, and repair service on European and specialty cars. We provide the whole gamut, from tech tools to full design and printing of color-change wraps. We serve as an independent tool supplier with a comprehensive selection that includes hundreds of professional brands backed by the best warranties in the industry.

our values are…






why uro?

We love what we do. It’s that simple.

After being in the industry for quite some time, we began to recognize that the majority of people had lost their confidence in mechanical shops. That’s when we decided that we wanted to gain that confidence back.

To this day, that’s what drives 100% of our business.

Our secret? A highly specialized service that people could trust, offered at affordable prices.

As time went on, URO/Automotive became the talk of the town.

Our growth has been a testament to our vision and consistency in implementing it. We hire the industry’s most enthusiastic technicians because we know that to do a great job, you have to really care about what you’re working on.

The URO difference is this: We don’t consider how we can make more money on a given job. Rather, we look for ways to build trust and make the customer a customer for life.


we believe in transparency

We go to great lengths to describe to each customer in detail exactly what they’re paying for. No one likes surprises when it comes to their bills. With URO/Automotive, you don’t have to worry about hidden fees or encountering unexpected costs―our team will make sure to keep you in the loop.


bmw specialization

We are the go-to name for BMWs. There’s a reason for that.

As a BMW driver, you have high expectations. We get it.

That’s because your car is engineered to provide top-notch performance and a comfortable ride. Your BMW servicer needs to uphold those same sky-high standards.

That’s where we come in.

We’re BMW enthusiasts too—we own them, we drive them, we adore them.

No matter your make or model, one thing is certain: we’ll treat your car like it’s the only car. And that’s a promise.